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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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please always remember that the spin stops here, because we're gulf looking out for you. >> sean: a big breaking news night on "hannity." we begin first with the blizzard dumping massive amounts of snow on the northeast. some parts of new england should see more than 2 feet of snow, maybe even 3, and some coastal areas could see hurricane-force winds of nearly 75 miles per hour. experts say this could be the biggest storm on record. here with more on this historic blizzard from our extreme weather center, rick reichmuth is there. rick, what do you think? >> certainly flirting with probably the all-time record around boston or points right around it. take a look at this radar latest images. we've been talking about this. two different storms that will combine into one, phase into each other. you can see the one there, the second one down here in the last
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few frames. i think that process is complete. so now we'll see rapid intensification of this storm. right here, this color right there of that dark blue, that's very heavy snowfall totals, probably falling 3 inches an hour. new bramford, connecticut, already 13 inches of snow. i think by the time this is said and done, we'll likely see a number of areas in that plus-30-inch range. because of this also heavy snow falling out across long island. the eastern end of long island will see snowfall totals pushing 18 inches as well. a little bit of a break across parts of new jersey. that's filled in, and will remain snow for the next 6-8 hours. take a look at these winds gusting right now. 51 miles an hour in boston. it was just at 69 in nantucket. now it's at 63. this persistent northeast wind is going to cause some significant coastal problems. all of these areas impacted by sandy, dealing with maybe a 3 to 5-foot storm surge and strong
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waves with it. the worst storm surge will be here, across parts of maine and massachusetts, the coastline, waves likely 20 feet high in addition to storm surge, coinciding with a new moon tide in the morning. that means we'll have major problems, probably record-breaking coastal erosion problems across parts of massachusetts. here's a look at the future radar, what we'll be seeing. it's all snow for everybody at this point. cold enough air has moved on in. we'll be seeing these temps continue to drop. the snow will continue very heavily across new york city until around 5:00 in the morning. and then it will continue to remain heavy across parts of connecticut, rhode island, and by maybe around midday tomorrow we'll start to see it wind down a little bit in toward the boston area, but temps remain very, very cold. additional snowfall totals are shaping up like this, about 7 inches in new york, but the bull's eye is here, eastern areas of massachusetts. already seen 6-8 inches of snowfall here, looking at another 2 feet.
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almost 3-foot snowfall totals by the time this is done. sean? >> thanks, rick. next we move to the other big news story today, a manhunt for fired police officer christopher dorner continues. the search for dorner has stretched across three straights. california, arizona, and new mexico. right now the focus remains around the snowy mountains around big bear lake, 80 miles southeast of los angeles, where police found his burned-out pickup truck yesterday and tracks leading away from the vehicle. this manhunt is being called the largest in california history. not only is the weather in big bear, in that region, deteriorating, slowing down the search, but the san bernardino county sheriff is now acknowledging that the worst case scenario could be upon them, admitting dorner could be anywhere. he's heavily armed with multiple weapons. because of his vast military training, his time as a police officer, many now fear that dorner remains one step ahead of law enforcement and is even using decoys like his burned-out
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car that some suspect he may have detonated from a remote location to throw off police. in a 12,000-word online manifesto, he proclaimed the following, i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to los angeles police officers on or off duty. dorner has already killed three people and fears of more targeted killings are growing as he continues to evade police. according to his manifesto, his firing from the los angeles police department back in 2008 is what has triggered this killing spree. joining me now is someone named in that manifesto, former lapd detective mark fuhrman. mark, one of the things as we watch this now, maybe this was detonated. this guy is clearly five steps ahead in terms what for him is a game and the killing of this the people. how concerning is that for you? >> i think you're right. the first thing i thought when we heard about that vehicle, an
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incendiary device. they probably felt that at the on set, but you have to go through the motions because you have a community and clear the location. dorner absolutely counts on this. five steps ahead now, but i think when we really realize that he'll be up against people that are more trained than him, both in the military and the police department, and he's going to be up against people that are prepared and similarly armed, and it's not going to be a good outcome for him once that happens. >> sean: but potentially, mark, it could take a long time. he has the tactics, the weaponry. he has the training. what if he went underground for a period of time? is that something that could happen? >> well, i think he might just
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do that, because, you know, as we talked on the radio show just today, a tactical alert, where you have the massive amounts of tactical personnel on 12-hour shifts, you can only keep this up so long. he does know that much. his experience on the police department deals with uniform. he does not -- he has not dealt with investigative experience or special tactic experience or swat training. his experience is in uniform. then his experience in the navy. so if he does go underground, that plays to his advantage, because it's a waiting game, but he has to surface if he wants to live out his manifesto. >manifesto. >> sean: we see a lot of rage, a lot of anger. supposedly this is about an agenda of racism that he was trying to expose. all of that. you've interviewed a lot of sociopaths, people without a
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conscience in your career as a police officer. what do you see in this guy psychologically speaking? because he seems coherent when you read the manifesto. it's a little rambling, but obviously smart, aware, intelligent in an evil way. >> well, you know, i'm not a psychologist, but i don't think he's a sociopath. i mean, he's psychotic and paranoid. he slipped into this. he's the knight in shining armor going to help people, and now because nobody is listening he's slipped into this suspect role, thinking that if he takes out, you know his death threats against the people that are causing these injuries to innocent people, that somehow he's going to be recognized as the white knight that comes to the rescue. i mean, he's really removed from reality. he's irrational at this point and he's living out this fantasy. it is a fantasy of his. >> sean: when the police department is saying they're
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expanding the to two to three states now, is that somewhat of an acknowledgment that they really don't have a trail at this moment? is that a fair interpretation of that? >> yeah, i think they don't have an immediate trail. i think that they were reacting to -- to dorner's movement and what he did when he surfaced. they've eliminated that. now they've started the investigative work. he has touched locations in his life in the last four years, and they're expanding to that point in the investigation. they're moving to places where they might be able to pick up a trail. >> sean: you don't live in the state of california anymore. no reason to mention the state that you do live in. does somebody like yourself, do you need start to being concerned, this guy is in a car, driving to find you, or anybody else mentioned in this manifesto? >> well, i think this, sean, i
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think in this man's state of mind anybody that recognizes him is in equal danger. anybody that recognizes that he is who he is, is in danger, period. >> sean: all right. mark, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. stay safe, too. that's for everybody. >> thank you. >> sean: this guy is psychotic, a killer, and has no conscience. coming up next, this man at the center of this california manhunt turns out to be a committed left wing idealogue, but liberals say his rampage has nothing to do with politics, but that's not what they were saying in the wake of previous senseless acts of violence when they blamed the tea party, talk radio, conservatives, and rush limbaugh. that's next. and coming up later -- >> my question to you, during that eight-hour period did the president show any curiosity about what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> sean: sadly the answer is no. rudy giuliani is mad.
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aleasalicia? >> we have the most recent pictures. these images were pulled from surveillance video from the inside of an elevator at an orange county hotel. according to police, it was taken on january 28th. they are putting it out there, because they say they want to show how he appeared in a recent past. meantime dorner's last known residence and the home that belongs to his mother were searched today by police. our crew was there when police removed small items and bags, as well as a laptop computer. police say they don't know if dorner ever used that laptop, but it will get a thorough forensic test. also today, the search near big bear lake in the mountains east of los angeles continued. the air patrol with heat-seeking equipment was grounded today due to heavy snow. sheriff's officials do say, however, snow on the ground helped them with tracking. they acknowledge dorner could be hiding out in one of the many vacation homes there, and that could get dangerous.
9:15 pm
>> we're very hearty residents here in the san bernardino mountains. many people are armed. my fear is not that panic would ensue, but more than someone would see something and take the law into their own hands. >> if dorner is out there, out there in the elements, temperatures will dip down 16 degrees tonight. searchers have been out there as well. sean? >> sean: alicia, thank you very much. while the authorities are doing all they can to track down christopher dorner, those on the left are dismissing this shooting am rage had anything to do with his political ideology. that courtesy was never given to conservatives in previous senseless acts of violence. back in july, within hours of the colorado movie theatre shooting, abc news' brian ross went on the air and inaccurately reported this -- >> i want to go to brian ross. brian, you've been investigating the background of james holmes.
9:16 pm
you found something that might be significant. >> there's a james holmes of colorado, on a colorado tea party site as well, talking about him joining the tea party last year. we don't know if this is the same jim holmes, but jim holmes of aurora, colorado. >> sean: the shooter was not a member of the tea party. so much for journalism. joining me is kirsten powers and tucker carlson. good to see you. >> hi, sean. >> kirsten, we can go back to the oklahoma city bombing. i'm going to show you other tape we have here. anytime there's any indication that the person either listened to talk radio, watched fox news, liked rush limbaugh, they immediately blame -- i'm not going to do that. just because this guy liked left wingers, i don't blame him, not them. >> you mean you blame him? >> sean: yes, blame him, not
9:17 pm
them. >> yes. i think pretty much conservatives have been saying that. when i saw the news that he had written a manifesto, singled out cable hosts, the first thing i thought, please, god, don't let it be a single than person from fox news, because otherwise it will be fox news' fault, even if other people are in it. turns out, loves obama, hillary, all these left wing cable show hosts, which of course have nothing to do with it, but we know what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot, which is this would be -- you know, fox news would have have been blamed for any deaths that this man caused. >> all right. let's prove that point that you're making. we'll get tucker involved in this. oklahoma city bombing, nbc, bryant gumbel. let's watch. >> the bombing in oklahoma city has focused renewed attention on the rhetoric coming from the right, those who cater to angry white men. while no one is suggesting that
9:18 pm
right wing radio jocks approve of violence, they're being questioned by many observers, including the president of the united states. the list of those the president may have had in made is long and familiar. right wing talk hosts like rush limbaugh, bob grant, and others, take to the air with basically the same format, detail the problem, blame the government and a group, and invite invictoritive from like-minded people. >> sean: that's unbelievable. >> i didn't believe the sierra club for the unabomber. drawing broad societal conclusions from the actions of a crazy person is invalid, low and cheap, pure propaganda. they ought to be ashamed of themselves. by the way, it's always before we know the facts. settle down. these stories are complicated. i used to cover crime. you won't know what actually happened for quite some time. >> sean: there never will be rep profireciprocity here.
9:19 pm
>> totally shameless. >> sean: another example, gabrielle giffords, media quick to say the tea party was to blame. tea party nothing to do with it. it was a left winger. >> last march, vandals damaged her tucson district office after the healthcare reform vote. giffords talked about that on msnbc. >> are you afraid, fearful today? >> you know, i'm not. we've had hundreds and hundreds of protesters over the course of the last several months. >> but giffords, a conservative democrat, was concerned about heated campaign rhetoric from the tea party. >> she's a democrat, 4 from a largely republican district. she was familiar with the parts dividpartisandivide there. his father was asked, did your daughter have any enemies? his response was, yes, the whole
9:20 pm
tea party. >> sean: kirsten, if i just listened to barack obama, the republicans, they don't care about dirty air and water, don't care about kids with down's syndrome, or the elderly. using their logic, i would be able to connect perhaps his -- his words to this guy's actions. using their logic. >> yeah. >> sean: i don't do that. >> well, i mean, the other thing is -- i don't know if you remember they also blamed sarah palin for gabrielle giffords' death because she said keeping democrats in the crosshairs. >> sean: targeted district. >> yeah. they pulled out a map and showed targets on different things, which is a common thing done in politics. meanwhile the southern poverty law center actually has an actual hate map, an actual map that shows places that they consider hate groups, and the family research council is on it, and somebody went there and killed somebody. you know, i don't like the family research council. i think i'm on record about that. but look, this is like an actual killing by somebody who, you
9:21 pm
know, went there because of a liberal group. >> sean: last word. >> i think we're missing out on the actual debates. it would be nice to hear the parties debate their ideas. these are significant issues. should we spend more or less? this stuff is a distraction, and is disgusting they would stoop to this. >> sean: by the way, targeted district, bob beckle. thank you both for being us. dr. benjamin carson explains to president obama how the economy should work. we'll ask him what triggered that lecture to the president. that's coming up next. >> i'm not going to stop until the american people know what their commander in chief did for eight hours. >> sean: and new questions abouting raised about the president's dereliction of duty. mayor rudy giuliani is here. he reacts. plus i'll ask him about the
9:22 pm
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>> sean: in the midst of confirmation hearings, prayer breakfasts and speeches on immigration, a senate hearing on benghazi nailed president obama for being virtually awol during the terrorist attack back in september. yesterday senator lindsey graham
9:26 pm
grilled leon panetta for the obama's administration lack of leadership on the night four americans died, only to learn in fact that our commander in chief, barack obama, did nothing to help the victims that night. now last senate senator graham was on the program and reacted to that exchange right here. >> if i were a family member, and one of my loved ones was killed in benghazi, i would be sick to my stomach. the president of the united states talked to the secretary of defense for 15 minutes, never talked to the secretary of state until after the attack was over. never made a phone call saying how close are we to help these people? where is chris stevens? what did he do when he was told the ambassador was missing? we've had one ambassador killed in the last 30 years. the president of the united states has to account for his leadership here. i intend to hold him accountable. thus far the white house has delayed, denied, deceived and stonewalled, and this has to come to an end. he has to account for his
9:27 pm
leadership. >> sean: joining me now with a lesson on leadership, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, good to see you. thanks for being back. >> good to see you, sean. >> sean: president found out very early, when it was happening -- this went on for eight, nine hours, an -- and dit ask a single question the entire time. what's your reaction to that? >> well, the whole benghazi situation gets stranger and stranger. i mean, from the very beginning it's hard to figure out what happened here. and no answers from the president. this is the first time we've actually finally gotten a little bit of a glimpse into the fact that he wasn't paying much attention to what was going on here. i know he was running for re-election, and this was quickly, you know, put it into a political spin with the idea that it was the muhammad tapes, that's what really did it, but the reality is it looks like at the time was he in the situation room? i always expected he'd be in the situation room in a thing like this, that he'd be on top of this, that he'd be doing everything he can to get every resource of the united states there to save our ambassador,
9:28 pm
save our people. i mean, this is a horrible -- horrible dereliction of duty here. and even when -- even when hillary clinton was being questioned, nobody asked her how much did the president know? how much did he know about the prior attacks? i mean, it was really odd that he wouldn't have been briefed on the fact that that consulate had been bombed in the past. did he know about that? >> sean: three aspects to this. before -- they requested security. it was denied. fault number one. >> right. >> sean: lindsey graham highlighting the president totally disconnected, wasn't even curious about it. watch this exchange with leon panetta yesterday. >> you talked to the president of the united states one time. so you talked to him for 30 minutes one time, and you never talked to him again, neither one of you? >> until afterwards. >> until after the attack was over? >> that's right. >> are you surprised that the president of the united states never called you, secretary panetta, and said, "how's it going?"
9:29 pm
>> you know, normally in these situations -- >> did he know the level of threat that -- >> well, let me finish the answer. we were deploying the forces. he knew we were deploying the forces. he was being kept -- >> i hate to interrupt you, but i've got limited time. we didn't deploy any forces. my question to you is, during that eight-hour period did the president show any curiosity about how's this going, what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> look, there is no question in my mind the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> with all due respect, i don't believe that's a credible statement if he never called and asked you, are we helping these people, what's happening to them. >> sean: mr. mayor, when you were the mayor of new york, and a police officer was injured, on the job, or a fireman was injured on the job, what did you do? >> i was on top of it right away. i was notified about it immediately. i kept on top of it from the
9:30 pm
first second. i tried to be at the hospital immediately. sometimes even before they were there to make sure they got the best care. and when we had an important situation going on, i was in our emergency center being briefed on a timely basis. this is absolutely incredible, sean. the explanations here are really -- beg for massive investigation. i mean, you know, we've talked about this many times, this is a cover-up. even listening to leon's answers, leon panetta's answers, his fumbling as to why the president never called back. the life of an american ambassador is at stake, and he doesn't bother to call back, doesn't bring everyone into the situation room, make sure they've got the best resources, getting the best attention, that's the least you do as a
9:31 pm
chief executive for people that put their lives on the line for you. this is disgraceful. >> sean: i agree. the president, who opposed enhanced interrogation, wanted to close gitmo, bragged about it in cairo, now with this let me memo from the justice department that it is legal, ethical and wise, without standards, they would be able to kill american citizens with drones, and then the confirmation hearing where our new cia director thinks that jihad is a legitimate tenet of islam, and he doesn't believe -- to use the words "war on terror." your response to both of those. >> first of all, i don't understand why you would rather kill these people with drones and not capture them and question them. can you imagine the massive amount of intelligence we're losing by not capturing some of these people? >> sean: it's cleaner, isn't it? >> i don't know if it's cleaner. it happens to be a lot better from the point of view of
9:32 pm
intelligence. where do you gather intelligence? you gather intelligence by questioning people. anyone who watched the movie about bin laden sees how valuable gathering intelligence is. these people -- these people are valuable resources when you can capture them and get information out of them. doesn't mean you shouldn't use drones, but under use them very, very carefully, you should very strict standards. finally, you and i have to react to the hype parkway hypocrisy of george bush did this, we'd be talking about impeach proceedings right now. >> sean: i have zero doubt. mr. mayor, thank you for taking time on your friday night. >> thank you. >> sean: log on to our special companion site, it's "hannity" live to share your thoughts. and coming up next -- >> our deficit is a big problem. think about it. and our national debt, $16.5 trillion. you think that's not a lot of
9:33 pm
money? >> sean: with the president steps away, my next guest had the courage to speak truth to power. world-renowned surgeon dr. benjamin carson joins me after the break. and we're tracking the super storm blizzard now battering the northeast. a live report on that storm is coming up next. we continue to monitor the situation and manhunt in california right here on "hannity." [ male announcer ] i've seen incredib things.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. a historic blizzard is now pounding the northeast, bringing massive amounts of snow, very high winds. some parts of new england should see more than 2 feet of snow. experts say this could be the biggest storm on record. here with more on the blizzard being called nemo, rick reichmuth. what's the latest, silk. >> the two storms have completed the process of merging. now we'll continue to see the storm strength, which means heavier snowfall rates and stronger winds coming in. take a look at the radar picture. where you see this blue here,
9:38 pm
that's very heavy snow. last hour we had reports of 5 inches of snow in one hour across parts of eastern connecticut. that's almost unheard of snowfall rates. you get that kind of snowfall rate, and you will very quickly be pushing the 20-25-plus range. already a few areas at 13 inches as of about an hour and a half ago. these numbers will go out. also the case of central and eastern long island, where we'll see a bull's eye of some of the heaviest snowfall totals. this is filling in across parts of new jersey also. let's take a look at how this will unfold over the next several of hours. everybody is looking at snow for the remainder of the time. it's just that the temperatures drop often and th off, remainine new york city area until 5:00. look how cold it is. very cold air settles in. it doesn't melt at all for the next day. and tomorrow night the windchills are going to be very cold. it's going to feel like around 11 in new york and 3 in boston
9:39 pm
at 7:00 tomorrow night. go into the overnight hours and head toward the morning on sunday morning, and it's going to feel like below zero for a lot of people here. you have cold, all the snow is going to continue to freeze. that slushy area, especially across the western side that's on the ground first will continue to freeze over the next couple of days. real quickly, sean, want to tell you, we have a few more storms lined up here. we have a blizzard watch in effect across parts of the northern plains. so sunday, more blizzard conditions over a foot of snow for parts of the dakotas and nebraska. and saturday and sunday, a threat for tornadoes down across parts of the south. very early in the season to see it across this area, but unfortunately we have to tell people about that, because we could be seeing tornadoes. it looks as this point like we could see seeing another nor'easter on thursday of this coming week. sean? >> sean: by the way, that heavy blue is going over my house. i guess i'll be skiing home tonight. everybody be safe. my next guest, who happens to be a world famous brain surgeon has become even more of
9:40 pm
a sensation after lecturing president obama on some of his biggest obstacles, those being the debt, taxes and healthcare. just yesterday at the national prayer breakfast, standing only a few feet from the president, dr. benjamin carson took to the podium and shared some, well, pretty amazing smart advice. listen to this. >> our deficit is a big problem. think about it. [applause] our national debt, $16.5 trillion. you think that's not a lot of money. tell you what, count one number per second, one number per second. you know how long it would take you to count to 16 trillion, 5,007 years. some people say, they say, well, that's not fair because it doesn't hurt guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10. where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in
9:41 pm
the pot. you know, we don't need hurt him. >> amazing speech. move over, president obama, the doctor is in the house. joining me the author of "america the beautiful, a director of pediatric neurosurgery, dr. benjamin carson. doctor, that speech moved me deeply. what's been the reaction so far? >> the reaction has been overwhelming. we've been deluged with emails, with calls. 99.5% positive. >> sean: wow. >> that doesn't surprise me, because the way that i lay things out was really logical. it wasn't right wing, it wasn't left wing. it was just logic and common sense. this is what people are starving for, coming out of washington, d.c. i don't know where we left our brains. >> sean: i don't know where we did either. before i get into the content -- and it was very deep and profound to me, simple yet profound. your background is amazing. you talked about it in your
9:42 pm
speech. your mom married at 13 one of 24 children, you grew up in poverty, and you had a very -- you said you were not a good student, but tell us a little bit -- tell us that story, because i think everybody needs to hear it. >> yeah. well, you know, obviously i had all the strikes against me, single parent home, dire poverty, poor self-esteem, horrible temper. these things tend to preclude success. and they would have in my case also, but my mother, who had only a third grade education, refused to be a victim. that was the key. she never felt sorry for herself. and that was a good thing. but a problem was, she never felt sorry for us either. you know, there was never an excuse that we could give that was good enough. if we gave an excuse, she would come out with a poem called "yourself to blame." after a while, we just stopped looking for excuses. but she worked as a domestic two
9:43 pm
and three jobs at a time, because she didn't want to be on welfare. even though she only had a third grade education, she was very observant, and noticed anyone going on welfare ever came off. she didn't want to be dependent, and didn't want us to be dependent either. she would work as hard and as long as necessary. >> sean: wow. >> one of the things she observed in the homes where she worked, people didn't watch a lot of tv, they spent a lot of time reading and strategizing. one day she came home and turned the tv off, said you watch too much tv. if you improve yourself, if you improve your brain, one day people will be watching you on television. of course she was right about that. and, you know, i hated reading, because that's what she imposed upon us. you've got read two book books e from the detroit public library and submit to me written book reports, which she couldn't read, but we didn't know that. i hated it, because everybody else was outside playing, having a good time, but as i started
9:44 pm
reading things began to happen. i was looking at words all the time. suddenly i could spell. i wasn't the first one to sit down in a spelling bee. grammar and sin tax. i learned how to express myself. you learn how to use your imagination rather than just observing somebody else's imagination. all of those make you into a terrific student within the space of a year and a half i went from the bottom of the class to the top of the class and began to have a much different view of myself. >> sean: you had to do two book reports. and you said your mother didn't know how to read them, but convinced she did. >> yes. she put checkmarks and highlights on them. we would think she was reading them. >> sean: wow. >> i will tell you, to her credit, she did eventually get her ged. she went on to college, and in 1994 she got an honorary doctorate. she's dr. carson, too,. >> sean: you talked about political correct nuggets. you said it's danger, it muzzles people. you said there's a pc police force out there. you said it prevents people from saying what they mean, that we
9:45 pm
need to get over our sensitivity. explain that. >> yeah. well, you know, here's a nation, one of the founding pillars was freedom of speech and freedom of expression. and yet we have imposed upon people restrictions on what they can say, on what they can think. and the media, i think, is the largest proponent of this, crucifying people who say things really innocently. i mean, you think back a few weeks ago, the sportscaster who commented on the beauty of the quarterback's female, and people thought, oh, that can't be right. there was a big brouhaha. people finally realized, i guess there's nothing wrong with it. the woman was even thankful for the compliment. but this is the level of silliness that we've risen to. >> sean: doctor, stay right there. we'll come back. your amazing story, this incredible speech that you gave.
9:46 pm
we're going to talk about how you're saying the fabric of american society now is being changed. you talk about education, taxes, the healthcare system. we'll have more with dr. carson right after the break. and still to come to -- >> i voted twice. >> legal votes? >> yes, absolutely. >> sean: an ohio poll worker is convinced voting twice is absolutely fine. we have that story on blatant voter fraud out of ohio still to come on this busy news friday night. [ female announcer ] want younger looking eyes that sing wow with olay, here's how. new regenerist eye and lash duo the cream smooths the look of lids... softens the look of lines. the serum instantly thickens the look of lashes. and the award for wow! eyes in just one week goes to you.
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>> sean: welcome back. we continue with the author of "america the beautiful," dr. benjamin carson. dr. carson, a lot has been made of the fact that some of the things you discussed in this speech are policies that are very contrary to the president. you talked at length about america's educational system failing, we're being dumbed-down is a phrase you used. the dangers of our debt and deficit. class warfare, which you spoke out against. the tax issue, health savings accounts, that rome can happen to america. what is your response to those that said, wow, you said that in front of the president? >> well, first of all, i should say that there's my own views. they don't represent the
9:51 pm
university that i'm employed by. but, you know, it really didn't matter who i was sitting in front of, because, you know, i always pray before i give a speech, and i ask god to give me the right things to say. i think that it's very rare these days for people to speak the truth. everybody wants to go along to get along. in the meantime the fabric of our nation is being destroyed. we're going from a can do nation to a what can you do for me nation? i don't think that's what most people want. but, you know, it's presented to them as the thing to do. and one of the real dangers, which i alluded to in the speech is the fact that people don't know anything. they don't know about history. they don't know about technology. they know so little that the news media is able to tell them whatever they want them to think. they say it enough times and people say, oh, yeah, yeah,
9:52 pm
well, that's what they said on the news. they don't think for themselves. the founders of our nation said our nation will fundamentally change when people become so ignorant that they can be easily led. >> sean: would you ever run for president, sir? >> if the lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it, i would. it's not my intention. >> sean: i wouldn't wish that on you, but i'd vote for you in a heartbeat. >> well, thank you. i had so many emails from people saying that, i could probably finance my campaign if each one gave me a nickel. >> sean: okay. i share your concern. morally i see a decay in the country. $16.5 trillion in debt scares me. we're stealing from our kids. you came up with a great idea. i've always believed in health savings account. i don't like class warfare. what ca we do to change things?
9:53 pm
you said we can either go down the direction of rome or we can changes things? >> well, i think the brave leaders, not the ones who are just ramped up in their egos -- and i'm not pointing this at any particular person or party, but the fact of the matter is there's a lot of people with a lot of hubris that think my way or the highway. the reason i gave the example of the ego, left wing and right wing, all good ideas don't reside in one party, but as the bible says in a multitude of counselors of safety. in order to use the counselors, we got to get rid of political correctness, let people say what they mean, put their ideas out on the table and explain why they're good ideas. i would be willing to debate anyone on the president's team on healthcare, how it should be administered, how it should be done for less money. >> sean: we're running out of time. i want you to come back, tell
9:54 pm
the story, you explained it so well on francis scott key, i'll invite austin scott goolsbee, and if you'd come back, we'll discuss that. i hope you'll come back and see us again. >> absolutely. thank you. >> sean: coming up next, the ohio poll worker who voted for barack obama twice. but that's not all. we'll tell you about it next.
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
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9:58 pm
>> sean: you know what they say in the democratic party, vote early and often, and that appears to be the motto of one of obama supporter in ohio. watch this. >> yes, i voted twice. >> richardson said she mailed in an absentee ballot, but fielder it would arrive too late to be counted. >> i certainly wanted my street count, so i voted. i voted at the polls.
9:59 pm
>> sean: voted twice. she admits to voting twice on her own behalf. the story does not end there. richardson also says that she mailed in an absentee ballot for her granddaughter despite the fact that her granddaughter voted in person on election day. now sadly i'm just getting started. three other absentee ballots reportedly came from richardson's home. they all contained similar handwritings, but let not your heart be troubled, there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this madness. watch. >> joseph jones is my brother. he's here from time to time. i'm mon says' powerr attorney. i voted for her in her absence. >> so were these all legal votes in your mind? >> absolutely legal votes. absolutely. >> now, the worst part about all of this, she's reportedly been a poll worker since 1988. i wonder how many times that she voted for michael dukakis? a lot of you are writing me right now about dr. carson, an amazing man, amazing speech that he gave. i put it up on my website. fox assassination has it up


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